Tanzania Police chief Simon Sirro sheds more light on Mo return

Saturday October 20 2018


By Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. The Inspector General of Police, Simon Sirro shed some more light on how the kidnaped businessman Mohammed Dewji was found.

Mr Sirro said the kidnappers dumped Dewi at the Gymkhana Golf Club grounds at around 1pm and disappeared.

They left their vehicle behind together with four guns, one AK47, 3 pistols and 35 bullets, Mr Sirro said, adding that the kidnappers tried to burn the vehicle before they fled.

“All indications still show that the kidnappers were foreigners. We are told that they were speaking English and very little Swahili,” Mr Sirro told reporters on Saturday, October 20 at the scene where Mo was found a few hours previously.

Mo told Police that the kidnappers demanded cash but were hesitant to call Mo’s father when they were given his phone number, Mr Sirro noted.

“We already the identities of the owner of the vehicle and the driver. Before they released Mo were already very close on their trail,” Mr Sirro told reporters at a press conference he held later.

Mo was kidnapped October 11, 2018 as he left the posh Colosseum Gym hotel.