Tourist dies while climbing Mt Kili

Tuesday January 3 2017

Kilimanjaro Mountain

Kilimanjaro Mountain 

Arusha. A Norwegian tourist died while climbing the Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, police said on Monday.

Kilimanjaro Regional Police Commander Wilbroad Mutafungwa said Mr Johan Aclep, 54, died on Saturday while trying to scale the snow-capped mountain.

He said that the man started the journey through Rongai Gate in Rombo District, but suddenly fell sick and died at Simba, one of the camps on the way to the mountain’s summit.

 This was the third death of a tourist in 2016 on the mountain. In September, a Chinese national died of pulmonary Oedema while climbing the mountain.

 And in July, a South African race car driver died while attempting to scale the mountain after experiencing breathing problems.

 Climbing Kilimanjaro is described as one of the most dangerous things for bold adventurers.

Approximately 1,000 people are evacuated from the mountain, and 10 deaths are reported every year, mainly caused by altitude sickness.