Trust in Tanzania electoral system ‘dwindling’

Friday October 5 2018

CCM Secretary General Bashiru Ally. Photo |File

CCM Secretary General Bashiru Ally. Photo |File 

By Elias Msuya @TheCitizenTz

Morogoro. CCM Secretary General Bashiru Ally has admitted that the party’s winning margin has been steadly decreasing.

Dr Bashiru also admitted that voter turnout has been declining even as the party has continued to clinch victories in elections.

According to him, voter confidence in the electoral system has been falling, hence most preferred staying home rather than exercising their constitutional right of casting votes. He attributed the trend to the tendency of some political parties bribing the electorates by giving them such items as T-shirts, caps, kangas and even money.

Dr Bashiru, who was speaking at a workshop held at the Morogoro Islamic University, said the 2010 administration lacked political legitimacy since only 42 per cent of the registered voters went to the polls.

The workshop was organised by the Coalition of Farmers Associations (Mviwata), which was held in Morogoro Region yesterday. “Many of the educated voters shun elections nowadays since they don’t trust in the electoral system,” he said.

“Even in areas, where we are winning election, it isn’t by over 50 per cent,” said he.

“In 2010 many people registered but they didn’t turn out because they only wanted the voters’ registration cards for other use,” he added.

According to him the electoral system in the country is marred by corruption.