Zanzibar destroys 48kg of meat from S. Africa

Thursday March 15 2018


By Faki Mjaka

Zanzibar. The Zanzibar Food and Drug Agency (ZFDA) has destroyed 48 kilos of meat that was imported from South Africa illegally.

The meat, which was the property of Qamar Company of Vingunguti in Dar es Salaam, was seized at Abeid Karume International Airport in the Isles last week.

Speaking over the meat seizure, the head of Food Control Department at ZFDA, Ms Aisha Suleiman, said the meat was destroyed following a ban imposed by ZFDA with the obligation of ensuring that residents get safe food and drugs.

She clarified that the ban was imposed by her office because of the outbreak of the Listeria disease in South Africa, saying the ban was on meat, milk and fish products.

Ms Suleiman further said that the ban was not passed in Zanzibar only, but also on Mainland Tanzania and other countries following the International Trade Protocol.

For his part, the Inspector of Food Products, particularly meat, Dr Othman Juma Othman, said the spread of the Listeria disease was largely caused by eating meat affected by bacteria.


He said the disease was weakens body immunity. For pregnant women the bacteria causes miscarriages.

Dr Othman said the disease broke out in South Africa last year and has already killed at least 180 people.

A number of countries have banned meat from South Africa.