EAC firms at risk of losing market shares to other competitors

Friday November 10 2017


By Alex Malanga @ChiefMalanga amalanga@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. East African Community (EAC) manufacturing firms risk to get their increasing market share pie eaten by other competitors, a new report shows.
This was revealed Friday, November 11, in the city during the launch of the EAC Industrial Competitiveness Report 2017.
In light of its key findings, the report calls for renewed efforts to boost the manufacturing sector in the region.
"Coordination of industrial policies and related instruments within the member states, while ensuring their harmonisation with other policies, in particular trade, becomes the overarching policy recommendation," reads a part of the report.
It further suggests that EAC firms will need favourable conditions to be able to exploit their own regional market and compete in the international market.