Chadema candidate to challenge Prof Maghembe’s victory

Thursday October 29 2015

Professor Jumanne Maghembe

Professor Jumanne Maghembe 

By Daniel Mjema

Moshi. Chadema candidate for Mwanga parliamentary seat Mr Henry Kileo, who was defeated by minister for water Professor Jumanne Maghembe, will contest defeat in court.

Mr Kileo said he intends to file a petition against Prof Maghembe win because the election was marred by massive irregularities. According to Mr Kileo process was marred by irregularities especially during vote counting and tallying.

According to him National Electoral Commission (NEC) turned down his request to re-count the votes.

“I asked for vote recounting but NEC officials declined; I will go to court to contest the defeat as soon as I finished to collect evidences,” said Mr Kileo.

Some of the opposition supporters in the constituencies cited misunderstanding between Chadema and NCCR Mageuzi candidates as the factor behind Prof Maghembe’s victory.

According to Mr George Mberesero if the two parties had fielded a single candidate in the constituencies as it was agreed under Ukawa alliance they would easily unseat Prof Maghembe. 

“If you look at the results Mr Kileo scored 17,366 and NCCR Mageuzi candidate (Youngsaviour Msuya) scored 4,616 against Prof Maghembe’s 21,982; if Mr Msuya had backed Mr Kileo he would have gained more than 22,000 votes hence unseating Prof Maghembe,” said Mr Mberesero.