Turnout in Tanzanian Presidential Elections 1995-2015

Thursday September 10 2015

The increase in registered voters between 1995 and 2015 will have been almost entirely due to young people,but that the number of youth who actually voted remained more or less the same.

if anything, the number decreases. Possible reason included:

1. Disaffection-- People are tired of politics and don’t see that there’s anything to be gained by voting.

2. An unexpected shift to a place other than where one's name was recorded in the permanent voter register.

3. Mobile money. To sign up for mobile money services you need some form of ID – a voter registration card was one of the few forms of ID that was cheap and accessible to everyone.

If people bothered to have their names entered in voter register so that they acquire an ID,  that would artificially inflate the voter register and deflate the turnout on election day. 


Then question that arises is: what will happen during forthcoming election.