Don’t rant about your marital problems

Saturday February 2 2019


By Marete Wa Marete

Women, by their very nature are able to vent their frustrations as a form of psychological reprieve. Men, in most cases bleed from inside and let no one see their tears - something that is very irksome to women. Do you remember the old adage that boys don’t cry?

Apparently, most women would like to see us cry albeit to satisfy their inner craving to see a cry baby (some men cry when Manchester United loses against Chelsea). Some psychologists argue that it is healthy to cry. I differ on that aspect especially if it has to do with relationships.

Sometimes, I often wonder how they’d feel if their own sons lived a ninny life. One fact is sure; they wouldn’t love to have sissies for sons just like I cannot stand one. Similarly, if they admire steely women, they should also admire strong men – especially emotionally strong. In a time of crisis, it would be wrong to see both the man and the women whining. At least, there should be the leader to steer the family.

A friend’s wife, after suspecting that her hubby of many years was cheating on her, she candidly drew me aside and opened up a can of worms including the most lurid details of her husband’s liaisons with another woman. Several thoughts coursed through my mind. Why did she tell me all this especially that she knew my wife so well?

The lesson learnt here is that dissatisfied women will stick to their families merely because of the children but will harbour fantasies that might prove lethal. Male insufficiencies that are often manifest as hostilities will often drive women to cheating especially if the woman’s ego has been bruised. A quickie on the floor of a nondescript rendezvous with close friend’s wife might sound clandestinely fulfilling but could be worse than hugging a rattlesnake. At least that was my reasoning. I have been avoiding her like a bottle of rat poison. To sum it all, it is uncommon for women to complain about their partner’s sexual inadequacies and if that happens, you can as well know that you have no partner. Keep her satisfied materially and sexually and people won’t have to know your weaknesses. Remember that even if she tells it to the birds, you may never get to know about it.

Women are mysterious creatures!