ONE MAN'S VIEW: Being a mistress is a cheap bargain

Saturday December 29 2018


By Marete Wa Marete

Nothing hurts like despair. When a seemingly pretty, perhaps a talented and career woman stoops to the status of a mistress, she has sold herself cheaply and will be in for a shock. We love using cheap things. It is a sign of insecurity and desperation. Unless the whole mistress concept is a major turn on for you, in which case I’m not sure, you are making a terrible mistake – you are a home wrecker – a sex tool.

Of course, being someone’s mistress comes with certain material “benefits” such as fully paid house rent, cars, school fees for the illegitimate child. You will be fooling yourself that you are his number one because you assume that what you give him, especially sex and dotting are better than his wife’s. What a lie this is. He will put his wife first sooner or later.

A man who takes you as a mistress usually will be looking for a shoulder to cry on. He will tell you that he’s relationship with his wife/girlfriend has gone to the dogs and that he can’t leave her because of some reason. The man will lie through his teeth that he has deep feelings for you. He will act more confused and you will fall for it.

At some point, if he sees that he might lose you, he’ll even play with the notion of leaving his wife although we all know that a weak man like this will never dare do that. He will come ranting how inadequate his wife is – you will swallow the gambit hook, line and sinker. You certainly will be feeling that you are privileged to “serve” him but deep inside his heart, he knows that his wife is everything, and perhaps the material “benefits” you are enjoying have been jointly earned by the couple.

The way he does to you is the way he does to other women – you are just the other woman in his life. You are sharing him with other women but he is too careful to cover his tracks, especially if he’s got the necessary player skills required to take you on this so called ride. Unfortunately you are toying with the idea that he will leave his wife for you. Even if he does, you will never be happy. He will leave you just like he left her. If at any point you sense you’re going to be a mistress, if you’ve just discovered your situation, if you’ve been in it for a lot longer now…GET OUT FAST!