DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Get your business discovered with ease by your customers

Thursday May 30 2019


By Benson Mambosho

Thanks to the internet, your business can now be discovered quicker and easily. With modern developments in Google algorithms, it’s much easier for a customer to search for your business with just a keyword or typing in a location. There is more to this. Google allows you to be found conveniently. Instead of spending more money on boosting your ads, you can optimize your website or business listing in Google that will enable customers who search for products or services you sell to find you in seconds.

Luckily, Google trends provide you with relevant keywords that can drive traffic to your business. All that you have to do is include words such as; near me, shops near me, restaurants near me, markets near me and so many others.

You can search for more words in the Google trend to see which ones are used more by your local customers. That’s not all, you can run a quick survey of new words customers are using in your vicinity to have them included in your online business or website as well.

You might be wondering what Google uses as outweighing factors that lead to your business being discovered. Well, here are a few things that are often considered:

Google looks at how popular you are to the community. Yes, hate it or love it.

You must be well known to get found easily. All that you have to do is to step out of the crowd by getting your business information out there as much as possible. Google often relates to what customers talk about in the online world and match it to your business. For instance, your customer reviews, brand images shared, links to blogs, articles, latest news/trends, and so many other directories. The more this information is out there, the more your competitors won’t even stand a chance.


Location is another key factor that Google uses to rank your business. Since potential customers will be searching for services or products near them, then your business has necessary info with regards to a physical address, street, city, ward or the road. Relevance is another score for Google. As mentioned in the second paragraph, customers are often looking for convenient service or product. Therefore, your website or business listing should compose with specific or relevant keywords searched and used by your customers. The higher the score of your keywords, the better the likelihood of your business getting found.

Keep your business information up to date. Data such as phone number, business location, hours, address, product/service listing should be frequently updated to stay consistency and visible to users in Google search.

In addition to your business listing, your website or blog should offer maximum experience in delivering the right message or info to customers. Provide useful details about your business through online journals or articles that will pull customers back to you.

That’s still not enough, once customers have landed to your page make sure you have proper landing pages that will help you capture their information. The idea is to get to know their behavior and journey. This will help you optimize your business profile.

Again, keep an eye on top competitors. Wouldn’t it be fun to beat your competitors each time there is a new online development? It will help you to stay ahead of the game once you familiarize with tactics used in their marketing campaigns.

How about that? To this point, you are half way to make achieve superiority on search results. It’s never easy but with frequent updates to your business and understanding of how Google algorithms works will do the trick to get your business on top of the food chain and be discovered with ease.