DIGITAL MARKETING: The mother of inventions

Thursday July 12 2018

Innocent Swai

Innocent Swai 

Do all original business ideas come from visionary geniuses? Actually, most original business ideas come from ordinary people. We must learn how to “borrow liberally, combine uniquely and create their own bespoke blueprint,” said Tim Ferris.

Recently, there was a competition for Entrepreneurs aged below 35 years young organised by a famous businessman. He only wanted to pick the best two winners in a “DREAM TO GREATNESS“ original business ideas writing competition.

And the winners have been announced. One of them is a Tanzanian lady, Miss Wakonta Kapunda.

There is a proverb which says that necessity is the mother of invention. For Ms Kapunda, it all started as an accident which left her paralysed everywhere except a functioning head. She only uses her tongue to receive and make calls.

Moreover, her tongue scrolls through her smartphone and sending texts.

Till when she was offered a programme known as Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking, she used to type using her tongue as well.

Her life story after an accident in high school is inspiring. It was a search for a business original idea. She had to figure out her own formula for success through self-education. She taught herself how to write Film Scripts.

Three things gave her a breakthrough. She got all the resources she wanted from the Internet. She wants to do everything when it comes to being a scriptwriter and sees no reason why anything should get in the way of achieving if her mission despite of her challenges.

Her tongue, a smartphone, a computer program and the internet has provided everything in her life. Her curiosity made the whole difference. With her own initiatives, there is no limit to what she can create in art form. For her it’s totally a free digital world of exploration, a constant discovery, and who knows the sky is the limit. All the information she has ever needed to learn is found online.

In other words all her success can be boiled down to two things; passion and dictating on her Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Program.

Simple software + Speaking + Passion = more time to write. Thus all for her.

In the “DREAM TO GREATNESS“ original business ideas completion, there were no rules. Just a tweet. I wonder why? In 1997, Steve Jobs said, “here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes.

Those who see things differently, they’re not fond of rules.” The fact there were no rules, says a lot about collaboration as the new game in searching for new ways to revolutionise current industries.

Just by looking back, business original ideas were taking much longer time to be realised.

It could be we no longer need rigid perfectionists who comes up with (un)original ideas; we need thinkers who can see problems from different points of view and appreciate; there could be several alternatives for reaching better conclusions.

Today, the problems facing our businesses are significantly more complex than in earlier generations. The Internet is making things happen much faster as we have seen knowledge is being much more democratized.

For her to win, thanks to technology which provided more access to all the information she needed on script writing than a highly trained script specialist a generation ago. The Internet has become an enabler for useful collaborations hence a competitive advantage if it’s leveraged.

Today, there are diverse major efforts in which certain techniques are being applied (un)consciously to solve tough business problems. However, working smart is the formula for solving most world’s difficult problems. Go Figure!