Inspirational goals

Saturday January 12 2019

Janet Otieno

Janet Otieno 

By Janet Otieno-Prosper

There are many smart goals that women are striving to achieve this year.

The first thing is for every woman to believe that they are destined for success no matter what challenges they may encounter along the way.

This involves a lot of hardwork and determination to achieve what one has set their eyes on.

They could fall off the track but the most important thing is to get back to the line.

Another one especially for a woman who is studying is to ensure that they pass with flying colours to set them above the pack. This also boosts career prospects among other things.

It is also good to have some savings for the rainy days as a woman since a lot of household burden fall on our shoulders. Savings should always be there as some emergencies can come up when you are all broke and have nowhere to seek help.

And the moment you use part of the savings, the rulebook is that it should be put back as quickly as you can as you never know when another unexpected expense could come up.

Wishing you all the best as you come up with smart goals for this year.