Let mother-in-law not be a reason for separation

Monday September 28 2020


By Sakina S. Dossaji

“We are one of the luckiest couples in love, who end up tying the knot, Mira,” Davis remarked, as he just finished slipping a large cut emerald ring to her finger.

Not all love stories have a beautiful ending. In some, the parents object, in others one of the partners change their mind, then there are some who sadly pass away and others who are a victim of misunderstanding and instead of working things out they fall prey to their entangled situation.

Mira’s love for Davis was sincere and true. And he in turn was a one-woman kind of man. He did not believe in extra-marital affairs. Of course he would find other women pretty, but never a wandering eye. He had seen many relationships crumble. He savored the love of a sacred union.

Peace of mind is a thing to behold and he knew that love begets love. The more he showered love, the more she appreciated him.

He took great care of her, in turn she cherished him, had no reason to nag, he communicated all his problems, and she understood him. They were the envy of many. They spent time together, he helped her in the kitchen at times and she would sit beside him as he hammered away fixing stuff.

In a wonderful relationship as such, it is important that a third person does not create imbalance between the two.


“Wohooo! Anybody home? Hello, surprise!” Davis mum shrilled. Mira wiped her hand full of soap suds on her apron and welcomed her heartily.

They had a lovely chat and dinner. And then it happened. “You should have painted the walls of the living room white, Mira. I do not like this butter cream.”

“Be thankful it’s not red, Ma.”

Again at supper, “you don’t cook the same anymore. The food tastes bland.” Mira and Davis looked at each another.

And then, “Mum, join us for dinner. We are going to the ‘Clark’s Restaurant.”

“No son, you two go along.” And after they returned, Mira’s mother-in-law had a puffed up face. “My son asked me to go, why not you? I was waiting for you to tell me, too. I think I am not wanted here. I shall book my ticket early and leave.”

Mira’s heart grew heavy. She became sad. She forgot doing things for Davis because her mind was always per-occupied. Little quarrels begun. Mira was snappy and her husband felt she was not giving him enough time.

“What should I do Dav! Your mum is always complaining. However good I am to her, it seems she is taking it for granted. I go out of my way to make her feel good and cook all the dishes which she has been craving for. I treat her like my own mother, why can’t she treat me like her own?”

“She is elderly to you, why can’t you understand?” Davis suggested.

“If she is older than me, then she should be having more wisdom than I, don’t you think so?”

“She is my mother, I won’t have you talking to me in that tone,” he slammed the door and went for a walk. This angered her and she went straight to her room.

“What are you upset about?” Ma screamed.

“I’m expecting a baby. Will you please be kind to me?”

Her fiery scowl changed into smiles as she thrilled over the news.

“Come here my daughter, when are you due?”