Make-up in bed can put a man off

Saturday May 11 2019


By Marete Wa Marete

I do not wish to sound like chauvinist! However, for as long as I can remember, men have always defined and benchmarked what women should wear for whatever occasion, situation or locations – to the church, for the weddings, funerals and all.

Starting from high-end fashion to the most primitive, this truism holds water for fashion is male dominated.

In my childhood, a certain girl who happened to have been my classmate, after being teasingly complemented by some boy had her life take a complete metamorphosis. The magical sentence “you are beautiful” completely transformed her disposition and the way she perceived beauty.

She spent all her time in front of the mirror, put on a pout that bore semblance to that of a fish gasping for air and even tried forging dimples by sucking in – dimples that she initially did not have. Why? Some boy has expressed that he was in love with dimples.

The million-dollar question is this; how many times will she have to change to impress some male figure, assuming that she will meet scores of men in her entire life? Although men may not say it aloud, heavy mascara, smudgy lipstick that reminds one of a vampire after a hefty drink of human blood can be repellent not only when viewed under the normal circumstance but worse still, when under the sheets unless lights are switched off.

Women should always remember that what they see can be great turn-on unless in the rare cases of casual acquaintances.


For a normal woman, scanty makeup or absence of it is the constituent of naturality that excites a man in bed. Excess makeup conjures up an image of a downstreet slut. In preparation for a romp, a woman should always wear minimum makeup. Keep in mind that guys like it natural.

Goodness! Your looks should be the last thing you should be bothered about in bed.

Abandon yourself and flow with the romantic tide, and then straighten anything out of place afterwards! I have always stressed that happy couples are those who worry not about their positions and looks – lovemaking should always be spontaneous. Good luck!