One man's view: Sanitary pads for men needed

Monday September 28 2020


By Marete Wa Marete

What is happening to today’s African man? Very soon, real men are going to become extinct – we cannot tell apart a man from a woman by merely looking at them. Feminism is becoming a real fad after religion and men are swallowing it hook, line and sinker. I do not harbor anti-feminist sentiments but the way I see it, very soon, manufacturers might have to design sanitary pads for men if the trend continues. Recently, I was in one of the uptown boutiques and was surprised to see hanging on displays some male underwear including bikinis and thongs for men. For the first time, I felt like throwing up.

Transvestites, if I may say, are sick people needing the help of professional counselors (forgive me for the slur). Let us face the facts. Those who justify any sexual and behavioral deviations are indeed telling me that there was a biological mistake when they were conceived in their mother’s wombs.

I am a man and proud to be one – a true African man. The day I breathed my first gulp, there were ululations in the whole village – a male child had been born and I am not about to trade my manhood with any stupid fad. I am grateful to my mother for instilling manhood in me. She could not stand me walking with loose womanly strides or aping anything womanly. By writing this, I have nothing against women .

Manning up

Many African women, no matter how educated are wired to real African men – the manliness in men has a biological appeal no matter how we look at it. Women do not need some faceless ninny “man” who oscillates between being a Mary and John. The so-called metro-sexual man who spends better times of his life in salons and beauty parlors to have his face waxed, dresses like Jane, talks with womanly gesture.

I have a son aged 21. He had developed a habit of lolling his eyes whenever he laughed. From whomever he had copied that womanly habit I do not know because in my opinion, it was an acquired habit. Systematic sensitization had to be done. Neither I nor his mother was impressed by it. I know that there are many influences in boarding schools but I would hate to have a ninny thing for a son.