There is more to this life than work and KPIs

Saturday August 18 2018


By Christine Chacha

Is there a time in life where you just look back at life and appreciate the journey that you have been through? Well last week I ran into my first boss and had the pleasure of chatting over coffee despite his busy schedule. We talked about life in general and how much change we have seen over the past and where we have landed. He was surprised to learn that I ended up in corporate despite my passion and love for development.

I was amazed to see how warm and happy he was, a complete opposite of the man I knew back them. He was a very strict, cold and harsh boss, and I shuddered at the very thought of going to his office. I mastered enough courage to ask him what was eating him back them and what happened to him to my surprise, he smiled and told me “I have grown”

He went on to expound and explain his “growth” and I was impressed. “Back then I was overzealous about targets and KPI’s until I realised there is more to life than that” he said adding that his focus is now on relationships, mentoring others and leaving a legacy. I have more respect for the man for admitting his flaws and working towards changing.

I can relate with growth because it’s the most crucial part of aging. There are times my friends exclaim saying “aki you have changed!!” because I don’t want to something or go someplace that I used to enjoy years ago. While they mean it in a negative way, it makes me happy because it means I have grown, I am not the person I was back then. Growth is a good thing- it’s the right way to live.

There are many things I used to enjoy that I do not anymore. I spent most of my 20’s learning and experiencing things even when I didn’t think I was. As a result, I can sometimes zone out with a smile on my phase as I reminisce an all the crazy things I been through. Also in my 20’s I became a self-proclaimed columnist and was able to share my life with you through the column single in the city and the diva.

It’s been fun and I do appreciate the lessons I learned through that journey but it’s imperative to admit that, that phase of my life is over and to embrace the new lessons that life brings. I am now 30+ and keep learning new things each day I have grown so much and believe I have much to offer, who knows maybe I will write a book someday.

For now, I want to take on as much as I can from the world- learn some more and grow some more. Getting better at who I am, what I do, and what I am to others – have some more social impact. I’ve realized that it’s not difficult to be an overall nice and positive person. It’s not difficult to be a shoulder to lean on for those that need you. That it’s even more fulfilling when you look at life as an optimist even when it gives you every reason not to see it that way. Optimism makes you enthusiastic, genuine, wholehearted and hopeful; which is what anyone would want around them especially at this time.

Human culture, technology, knowledge, language and population have all evolved over the years so should you. As a human you must grow emotionally, intellectual and physically and you have the responsibility to facilitate and amplify growth yourself. So dear reader, be selfish and invest in your own growth and development.