Women fantasize love, lust and sex

Saturday March 7 2020


By Marete Wa Marete

Why are some TV stations popular with woman - Especially those that ran lip-synched non-ending soap operas translated into Kiswahili? In our schooling years, girls were wallowing in the fantasies of Mills and Boon cheap paperbacks while boys consumed James Hardley Chase crime novels along with David Mailu’s somewhat pornographic.

Sample this; most popular media has always moulded notions of how romance and relationships “should” be. Traditional fairy tales, read literally, seem to propagate an idealized version of romance. Remember the beautiful girl and yippee – the frog turns into a handsome prince. Or the situation seems hopeless, all is chaos with wicked step sisters and the like in Cinderella, but somehow, through destiny, the prince finds his bride, the slipper fits, and everybody gets the “happily ever after” .

Nothing can be as boring as soap operas that run for eons without conclusive ends. The romantic soaps’ somewhat predictable twists and turns can bore to a comatose the most boldest of men. I am an avid reader of anything but I really can’t stand the monotony wrought by the figments of a writer’s imagination bordering on romance.

Just like in all literary work , they manipulate sensory devices to entice the reader - five senses of smell, taste, touch, and hearing and since women are more sensitive than men, they are apt to enjoy drama much more than men would. Put otherwise, a thriller movie would go well with a man much more than repetitive and predictable novels, soap or movies that appeal to women.

In their hearts of hearts, women fantasize love, lust and sex as spelt out in these romantics. The descriptions of places, beautiful women, men whose looks and those of the Greek sex gods, the mannerism, chivalry, gallantness wealth and knickknacks that caress her womanly imagination which does not exist in the real life situation – imaginations that fill the void left by cravings for being loved. More rugged tragedies and depiction of toughness is what, on the other hand, stokes male ego. Men love things mechanical like warplanes, submarines and shenanigans. We, the male fraternity are hero worshippers. That is why God and his nemesis Satan are depicted as men.

At times, a man wishes not to be bombarded with romantic movie, book or soap operas and instead, he would better off watching Manchester United.