Dealing with stress in school - 1

Monday November 6 2017

A depiction of a stressed student trying to

A depiction of a stressed student trying to work on her notes. Stress among students is a less talked about issue which needs to be addressed. PHOTO | WEB 

By Rocky Amini

The development of student’s academic arena involves several issues combined together.
Despite of the struggles made by the teacher in instructing students in matters concerning academic issues, still, students need to be free in their mind-set both physically and psychologically.

Let’s break the ice
Stress is one of the things that affect students in more cases at school.
In a normal sense, stress can be expressed as the condition that happens to an individual and bring great affections in psychological aspects and bring out negative affections in the core behaviours of an individual.
What do I mean by this? This means, which is one of the problems, makes instability of one’s way of thinking and affects the brain to work in a sufficient condition.
It is, thus, the psychological problem that recently has been affecting the academic development of students in schools.
In order for the students to grow well, both morally and in a sufficient manner at schools, they need to get a good psychological foundation within the specific environment where studies are carried out by their teachers.
Access to good foundations of psychological set up of the students towards their environment strengthens up their developments in academic affairs.
When it happens that the psychological set up of the students is not well settled, obviously, whatever the teacher would teach such students in the classroom, never would any kind of understanding take place among these students.
Understanding of students when at school needs the good psychological set up that favours the growth of student’s mind and intellect. Students have to grow in the foundation that favours their psychological affections towards learning.

Dear teachers, hear this
Stress is a behaviour, which, as it gets strengthened to any individual, weakens him or her, and definitely brings exposes them to the psychological problems.
The duty of the teachers at school is to make sure that the environment set for the student’s development gives a fair pull towards academic improvement to the students.
When it happens that there is lack of such kind of good psychological environment, it’s true that the teacher may be in the classroom teaching the students and fails to determine whether the students have well understood the lesson.
The teacher here plays the role of understanding the good psychology that may handle students to get rid of stress towards their academic arena.

Associated effects that stress poses among students
Great accumulation of stress to the students can lead to more problems in the aspect of academic performance. This is due to the fact that stress affects students. In a great manner, affects the whole condition of an individual both physically and psychologically.
Some of the problems which most students with stress involve the restrain of the students from going to school.
In Tanzania the tendency of dropping from going to school in most cases has been reported as the problem and recently has been affecting a large number of students. Most stressed people do come with bad decision making which at the end carry the negativity aspects of human personnel.
In my second part of the series, we will go in depth about the effects and prevention of stress.
The author is an expert in the field of education.