African unity: Embrace leadership paradigm shift

Wednesday August 21 2019


In order to develop great leaders for Africa’s next generation; Africa need a leadership paradigm shift from leaders trapped into the peer house of individualism; only looking inside and the near-around in the comfort zone; in a single nation alone; into leaders who look beyond the horizon of a nation; leaders who seek for unity.

Africa also need to develop leaders with a vision of anticipating a free united Africa like the first generation of pan-African Leaders; the Patriarchs of the African Continent who led Africa out of colonial oppression and embarked into the union call by founding the Organization of the African Unity in 1963.

The leadership tumult that is expressed in a throng of African leaders today; are the leaders who take on a populist nationalistic view of leadership that denies a space for the promotion of regional and international economic cooperation.

Such type of nationalistic orientation must be denied space to enter the niche of leadership in Africa.

Africa must develop leaders who can soldier to reorient the objectives of the African Union (AU) and implement the focused strategy to attain the unity of the African continent.

Leaders who can inspired people of their nations by exhibiting high level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) that motivates people to work hard in unison.


These Leaders must possess the EQ behavioural trait that incentivizes and emboldens people to freely follow their leaders to unity.

Leaders must be relational to reach out and instigate others to embrace the union change.

Emotionally intelligent leaders are often visionary leaders who inspire citizens to look beyond individualism and aspire for unity among nations.

Future leaders must be abled-leaders with a global perspective and the ability to build networks across countries.

Great leaders who have walked the earth have shown time and time again that leadership is a skill acquired by growing from a position and permission leader who is trapped in the buff of authority into a people-centred leader of pinnacle influence to their citizens.

Leaders who have the ability to create teamwork with an intuition to listen and take digest advice. Leaders must lead by hearts and not by dread and physique.

Africa needs leaders who can influence their respective nations across Africa to hasten and speedup regional integration and the ultimate unity.

Leaders who can once again pick up the belief in a pan-African Movement; a movement that wanted to get Africa out of neo-colonial economic bondage by pushing hard the dream for uniting Africa into one grand nation.

Africa needs a new generation of leaders who will provide an inspiring leadership to catapult Africa into an economic freedom from neo-colonialism.

A new kind of leaders that are awaked from the dust of impulsive leadership that have kept Africa in the dungeons of economic bondage.

Leaders must not keep mother Africa in her hour of need, instead they must be the kind of leaders who are ready to transform the African economic landscape into a vibrant new economic course.

Future leaders will need to engage in more collective leadership better than their current peers. They must develop resilience and be able to balance short and long-term options. Leaders must pioneer to the attainment of a great country – the United States of Africa.

We must end this chronicles of the Forefathers of pan-Africanism by singing part of the song of unity titled “Africa Unite” of the pan-African singer – Bob Marley, who appeals to the leaders and peoples of Africa to unite and liberate Africa from neo-colonialism.

The song goes: “…Africa unite: because we are moving right out of Babylon (neo-colonialism), and we are going to our Father’s land (the United States of Africa)… yes, how good and how pleasant it would be before God and man… to see the unification of all Africans…”. Yes, Africa must unite or perish. SUPERABIMUS.