GENDER TALK: I fell for a woman in front of my girlfriend

Sunday November 25 2018


By Eugene Mugisha

I have not had a crush in ages, in fact, I highly doubt I am capable of having one anymore. Perhaps it is as a result of my heart getting tramped on by women whose integrity is only skin deep, or by my equal and opposite reaction of being as emotional as a robot when it comes to women and relationships.

Whatever the case, I have not really felt anything genuine for any woman for a while now and I am not complaining it saves me a lot of heartache, considering what I see my friends go through trying to make sense of this charade called dating.

So I was quite unprepared when I saw this woman, and suddenly, there was nothing else I wanted more in this world than her.

It took me by surprise that I was not even aware it was showing. It was until the woman I was with, who happened to be my “girlfriend”, brought me back to reality by asking me what was going on. She was not asking nicely, she was demanding what on earth I thought I was doing, gaping at another woman with her right there. Frankly, I had not even realised I had zoned out like that.

The feeling was both embarrassing and exciting at the same time. This woman was not beautiful but there was something about her that eluded most women, my current girlfriend, who was right beside me seething, included.

Even as she started throwing a tantrum about me being inconsiderate, and insensitive, I was not really with her. I was still trying to add things together.

In the meantime, the other woman had found herself a seat, directly in my line of view, as if she knew what effect she had just had on me, and wanted to take me for a longer ride.

In that instant, I decided I had two options; to sit here and get my ear chewed off for noticing another woman or find out what it was about this woman that she would have such an effect on me.

So, I excused myself, and walked off. I think I heard my girlfriend say something like “if you walk away it is over”. I did not even bother trying to understand what it was she was referring to, as I made my way to the other woman’s table and sat down before she could say anything.

I introduced myself and my angry girlfriend who I could see was making her way to our table. The woman looked at me curiously, clearly wondering what I was up to.

In a few words, I explained what had happened to me when she walked in, and asked her if she had that effect on all men. She smiled and not a hundred men or more could have dragged me away from that table.

My girlfriend chose that very moment to make her presence known, and told me never to call her again, in quite colourful language.

To be frank, I was not planning to either. Let me put it this way; when you taste an extremely fine wine; you lose taste for anything less fine.

The woman, who was all this time watching the drama looked at me and asked; “Yes, you were saying....?” as if we had been interrupted by nothing more than an annoying waitress.

I could already tell this was going to be exciting.