LIFE COACH: Interesting month of December

Sunday December 23 2018


By Min Atek

January seems like the longest month of the year. In fact when I had just started working, I used to call January, “the 40-day month!” Just think about it.

This month marks the end of the school year for many schools. The holidays, though exciting because they present times of rest can be quite expensive. Until you have holiday makers in the house you might not appreciate the hostility of the holiday season on one’s pocket or wallet.

Suddenly a big sized loaf of bread is not sufficient for a small household. The rate at which the electricity units run out will only be rivalled by the water bill.

Unless you are a bulk purchaser somehow all the purchases will appear like they are being chased off the face of the earth. The parent will daily be bombarded with ‘mommy, this and this is finished!’ To which mom will wonder because it was only the previous day that fresh stock had been bought.

December is not the end of the world. In fact December is just another month where the best positioned know how to ‘collect and fetch’ as much money as possible from willing buyers because for some reason everyone gets pretty comfortable spending even what they do not have.

The chicken is not about to run off the face of the earth and so are all of life’s fancies. “Are you saying we should not enjoy our hard earned money?” One might ask.

Absolutely not! How could I? I was not even there when you toiled and sweated for it. However, January will be here much sooner than it appears and do not be fooled by the recent rainfall, January is a dry month... figuratively speaking of course.

It will be a new year with a fresh dose of bills and expenses to sort. The children can and should be involved in some productive activities. Make each child earn their upkeep. They should replace the domestic assistant, do the laundry, wash the cars, cook all meals and walk the dogs. Daily Monitor.