YOUNG CITIZEN: Children recount their memorable Arusha tour

Sunday December 15 2019


By Devotha John

It is end of the year and schools are closed for the end of year holidays. It’s time for children to put the books away and rest after many months of study.

Makini school pupils kickstarted the December holidays by taking an education tour to Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro National Park and the Snake Park in Arusha.

The trip helped the children experience first-hand what they had learnt in class. Visiting such places of importance not only enhances students’ learning but it also gives them a lot of exposure.

Ali Mangungu, a Grade Six pupil told Young Citizen that visiting the national parks and watching wildlife was a good thing as the pupils were able to see what they had learnt in class and watched on television or movies. “We really enjoyed nature and God’s creation,” he said.

“Although we could not enter Ngorongoro park due to bad weather, we managed to take photos, which was fun. We made and enjoyed a visit to the snake park instead.

Another good thing about the tour, Ali says, is that the pupils and their teachers had the opportunity to ask a lot of questions about the environment. They also saw many things including snakes they had never seen before and other interesting wildlife and rare plants. They also got to see Mount Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa.


Celine Nick, a Grade Six pupil said she enjoyed the tour because she got time to spend with her friends outside the school environment. Traveling together, eating delicious food and sleeping in nice big hotels in Arusha was amazing.

“We visited Maasai villages and learnt about pastoralism societies. I hope next time our school will take us to other places to learn and enjoy too,” said Celine.

A Grade Four pupil, Alexis Temu, said she enjoyed the tour, especially at Manyara National Park as she gained more knowledge about animals; learnt their behaviour and how they survive in the forest.

“I saw big elephants, zebra and giraffes at Manyara National Park. The tour guide explained to us how elephants are peaceful animals and that they only get aggressive when they are sick, injured and when disturbed.