Grand restaurant, place where chefs don’t sleep

Sunday December 10 2017


By Tasneem Hassanali

        Sometimes what makes a restaurant stand out is an aspect that you rarely see elsewhere.

Grand restaurant, located in the premises of harbour view towers in the city centre is a diner that doesn’t go to bed. Yes it is open 24 hours, seven days a week. I think it is a catch, especially for travellers/ backpackers who arrive late in the city or employees at night shift.

The red and black interior hosts neatly arranged tables in a squared space for singles, couples or a group and the order is taken reasonably quickly. Their menu is extensive with options such as Chinese, Indian, seafood, barbeque, all day breakfast, desserts, continental and snacks. The price for the food is on the high end, for example curries range anything from Sh15,000 to Sh26,000 – but I don’t think it would stop a hungry tummy from getting a meal at 3am.

What’s interesting?

I don’t know if you picked up the ‘all day breakfast’ option when I mentioned it earlier. To be honest, I’m a breakfast person – when I say that I mean I can have my breakfast plate for dinner too. So this option was definitely a ‘hit the spot’ for me. And I’m not alone. The breakfast list has vegetarian, East African and English selections.

Homemade feeling: We ordered prawns curry, jeera rice and flat bread. The prawn curry was cooked in coconut cream and I must say it reminded me of home. Spice, coconut, chilly, prawns and lemon was blended faultlessly and it was neither too creamy nor too watery – just the right consistency. There was nothing I would change in that curry. The portion was enough for two hungry folks.

My verdict: Good atmosphere, quick service and a decent crowd on a weekday gives you an indication of what you’re in for. If you’re a person looking for privacy, then this is not the place for you since it is an open diner spot with businesses/shops surrounding it. Otherwise if you’re looking for a late night good meal in the city of Dar es Salaam, this is your place.