Here’s why it is fun to be a scout

Wednesday April 24 2019


By Hans Tagalile

As Scouts, they are tasked with preparing the young generation with skills that they could use in their every day life. They motivate young people to exert themselves into doing, learning and being more than what society ought them to be.

Programs are prepared to help scouts build their skills and evolve as young respectable men in the society. Scouting believes in practical education, learning by doing. It is a practice that is now lacking in our educational endeavours.

Scouts are taught about teamwork, leadership and resilience – skills that have transformed the Scouts to become everything from teachers and social workers, leaders and Businessmen and women. They help young people develop and improve key life skills. Scouts bring people together. They are a part of a worldwide movement, creating stronger communities and inspiring positive futures.

To the young generation, scouting is important because the youth programmes focus on developing the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual aspect of a child, helping them become responsible men and women.

Through emotional activities, a scout is taught to be able to recognise one’s own feelings, by expressing him or herself in a balanced manner so as to acquire emotional maturity. The emotional activities will teach the young scouts about the factors and causes of early pregnancies and how to better avoid becoming part of the statistics. The scouts achieve self discovery, awareness, responsibility and self-control.

When they learn about spiritual development, they acquire a distinctive understanding of different thoughts of beliefs, giving them an informed choice as to where they should consider practicing.


The scouts are further taught to respect other’s religious beliefs.

When it comes to staying healthy, scouts, through their physical developments will keep you healthy by introducing you to many fun physical activities like mountain climbing, swimming and a lot more done with your peers.

The fun will be endless and you will physically become healthier. It is fun being a scout!