Playing an active role in industrial drive

Tuesday June 12 2018


By Allan Kajimbwa Email:

In a progressing world of leadership, the society continues to believe a phrase that says, “The leaders of tomorrow are made today”. It’s true. But today, some of our leaders fail to effectively help our communities to align and engage in tackling the most problematic issues that our communities face today. Pity to say that, this phrase is becoming doubtable. What makes proactive leaders of today for today?

The emphasis on industrializing Tanzania is undoubtable. As one of the effective means to amplify development in the country, it’s a significant step. Industries will create more job opportunities, a better economy, and other intensive benefits. The big question is, will the available local human capital be efficient enough to run, manage and nourish these industries sustainably?

We have a high level of unemployment being dominated by the youth, the leaders of tomorrow. The youth are the human capital that is predicted to run this country in the coming decades. Yet, we have few available job opportunities, whose employers are not able to recruit these bunch of graduates. This is for the mere fact that they still lack relevant and required skills, competence and experience to be aligned in these organization’s vision.

Our youth generation is not standing out to be resourceful in all spheres. Their vibe to stand out and fight for what is important and right to them and their community is weakening up as the opportunities continue to fade. Their hunger to sharpen their employability skills, experience and competence is easily being depleted with the change in technology, poor parental control, and absence of enough leadership and entrepreneurship hubs to nurture their skills. They’re losing hope, as the few try to stand out as our eyes continue to witness the failing of their start-ups businesses in our communities frequently. We cannot overlook this, as we want to create a vibrant generation of tomorrow.

Eventually, the diaries of most world influential leaders and entrepreneurs writes that they were helped, motivated and supported. It’s time that we need to accelerate the creation of job opportunities for our youth. One of the ways that can be done, is through promoting self-reliance among the youth and awarding funds to engage in income generating projects.