What does your Team want?

Tuesday September 11 2018


By Miranda Naiman

Dear Boss,

I want you to know that I love my job. I believe fervently in the organisational vision. I joined the company to make an honest living for myself doing what I’m truly good at. Did you know I spend an average of 16 hours per week in traffic, commuting to and from the office? I usually have my headphones plugged in so I can catch up on the day’s headlines; listen to a motivational talk or vibe out to calming music and pretend to mediate as I tolerate the inevitable journey. I know I am one of many; and that you have an overwhelming amount of responsibility to maneuver, but in return for the countless hours I dedicate to my work I merely ask for three things:

Know Me: It doesn’t hurt to understand my background; where I grew up, whether I have siblings and my position in the family. You should know whether my parents are still alive or not, and whether I am a parent. I am intrinsically motivated by my own unique fire and I challenge you to understand what drives me. What gets me up every morning, and keeps me focused on the work I do.

Sometimes I come to work carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and fake a smile just to make it through the day; read me and see through the superficial mask I’m wearing to protect myself. See beyond the surface; know my talents and flaws, my mannerisms and gestures – You spend more time with me than my family does, you should know me best.

Grow Me: See potential in me that I can’t recognise in myself and open my eyes to the opportunities that lay before me.

Push me to be the very best version of myself so I can charge forth with valor flying our company flag in the wind. Teach me your craft; share your vision; indulge me with stories from the early days of your career and fill me with the passion of future possibilities.

Take me to meetings; introduce me to your contacts and induct me into your world so I may soak up the wealth of knowledge and experience you possess and squeeze it all out like a sponge. Cajole me out of my comfort zone; for you alone can recognize the delicate balance between failure and magic. Let me try out new projects, rotate around departments – allow me to travel when the opportunity arises and let me lead my peers so I can put on my managerial hat.

Value Me: When all is said and done, it is recognition that keeps me engaged in what I do. Tell me when I exceed expectations so I can celebrate my growth with you. Point me in the right direction when I go off-track so that I can realign myself. Sing my praises to others if you feel it will inspire the rest of the team; a simple ‘pat-on-the-back’ goes miles and will have me bouncing into the office for weeks to come with a permanent smile on my face.

Affirm that everything I do for the company is having an impact and that I matter. Remind me that I am wanted, needed and appreciated as a team member. When the time comes for me to move on, wish me well – stay in touch and continue to be a shining example to me.

To Know me, grow me and value me will have me fully unleashed – an engaged employee with boundless verve – unstoppable in our synchronicity.

Yours faithfully, Me