Why youth need to embrace patriotism, ethics, and accountability

Tuesday July 10 2018


By Mosenda Jacob

According to ‘Uzalendo Frontier’ a forum initiated by students in collaboration with their lecturers at the Mozambique- Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR)-Kurasini, the limited working spirit among the youth is significantly associated with insufficient level of patriotism, rapid deterioration of ethical behavior as well as inadequate level of accountability.

In a bid to address fundamental issues affecting the youth, the centre had initiated the frontier with an intention to raise awareness on aspects of hard work and self determination among Tanzanian youth.

“The culture of laziness has blocked the attainability of most youths’ dreams. We have organized this platform as our channel to mobilise our fellow youth from higher learning institutions, secondary schools and the entire country to embrace patriotism, ethics and make themselves accountable, something that’s fundamental to the prosperity of all sectors,” John Mboya, the Chairman of ‘Uzalendo Frontier’ told Success in a post-event interview.

In enhancing the beginning of this plan, the institution organized a two-day forum held on 2-3 July, 2018 at the institution and attracted more than 480 participants from universities and colleges, secondary schools, public and private servants as well as ordinary citizens.

“In facilitating the implementation of this move, we organized a forum that intended to impart knowledge, skills and experience as far as patriotism, ethics and accountability is concerned. We expect such knowledge and skills to promote hard work among people in the country; develop and broaden the youth ethical standards as well as enhancing their accountability and integrity,” said Mboya.

The Chairman further said the reason as to why they were mostly calling upon the youth was because the latter makes the largest population and is dependable upon the future of the country.

Prof Kitojo Wetengere from Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR) said that it was important for countries to formulate programs which promote patriotism among citizens and particularly youth who are expected to take over public machinery in the future.

According to him, patriotism refers to love of one’s country, a sense of personal identification, a special concern for the wellbeing of the country as well as willingness to sacrifice to promote the country’s good through hard work.

“When citizens are patriotic they will be willing to protect their boundaries, properly manage natural resources and work very hard for the wellbeing of themselves and their country. In other words patriotism influences the protection of national interests of a particular state,” he explained.

“Every youth, whether in the higher learning institution or elsewhere, who hope to easily prosper in their area of specialisation, should be driven by the spirit of patriotism, ethics and be accountable,” he said, adding, “these elements are the most excellent ingredients to drive the passion of achieving something in any society.”

He also said that they had prepared a special course for citizenship, which will be launched soon and that it will help in training youth from various regions through the frontier so that to promote accountability among people.

“Through this course, our trainees will further spread the knowledge to the entire country in a bid to make this goal accomplished,” he said.

Moses Abel, a Tanzanian youth who attended the event said that the initiative was good and if implemented throughout the entire country, Tanzanian youth will improve their competitiveness in and outside the country.

“The initiative is very commendable in that if the plan is implemented and gets support from various education stakeholders it will help us move to all regions in the country, improve our competiveness, within and outside Tanzania and widen employment opportunities,” he believed.

Abel further urged his fellow youth to rejuvenate their thinking and find ways that will trigger the motivation to move forward towards the future.