Author encouraging spiritual growth and determination

Wednesday June 12 2019


By Elizabeth Tungaraza

Lameck Amos is a writer with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Information Technology from University of Dar es Salaam.

He has so far written 41 books both in Kiswahili and English. His books have motivational and spiritual themes. Success writer interviewed the author about his passion for writing.

What cultural values do you see in writing, reading and storytelling?

Building people in good morals as well as imparting good attitude that can lead to a more advanced society.

How do your books relate to your spiritual practice or other life paths?

They give more emphasis in depending on God for everything. They encourage people to believe in themselves in order to succeed.


They further encourage people to take steps in realising their dreams. Not to giving up even if the situation one is in gets tougher is one among the things my books encourage. Also, some of my books are mainly intended to help people build successful relationships especially for those who are in courtship and the married.

What are your goals and intentions when writing?

To bring transformation in a society where by people will think more positively. Currently we have sold more than 5000 books since October 2016. To me this sounds very encouraging. Through that I have experienced the reality of my dream as an author and more than that I feel encouraged to do more, because I have received so many testimonial feedback on how these books have been helpful to people.

Knowing that the books are helpful to people is fulfilling to me because all that I want to see is how impactful the books are.

Can you share some stories about people you met while researching on your books?

In my research process I have come across so many people with different situations – especially the ones who believed that they cannot make it without material things. But out of the inspirations and motivation of these books they made decisions and were able to transform their fears into motivations.

What are some of the references you normally use while researching?

I read other peoples books but mostly I learn from the environment and other situations that I come across in my normal life engagements, that’s how I get some of my inspiration.

Other topics I write about are inspired by the sheer wisdom treasured into my mind by God for the sake of other people.

What do you think most characterizes your writing?

Spiritual issues, motivation, encouragement and inspiration are the main areas that characterize my writing. This is because what brought me to this business was to pour out what I have so that others might benefit from it.

I am focused on those grounds because I do believe that for the heights that I have hovered knowledge wise it wasn’t for my own sake, but for the sake of many in my community and the entire world at large. So I believe I have been privileged to go this far not for my own sake and my family but for the sake of many who didn’t make it.

What are some of the challenges you go through when writing?

I believe there is no idealistic way of writing, but when we get back to reality, I might point out the adopted or the believed model of authorship that you have to give out some references as a challenge. In most of my books I don’t use so many references apart from the bible because most of the writings result from the lessons that I get in various situations and most of them are supported with scriptures from the bible as well the older sayings of ancestors.

Are there misconceptions that people have about your book? If so, explain.

Many think that the books my work is only based on regular motivational and inspirational content, but my books are not just that. Deep down they have a base of spirituality.

They are transformational books intended to transform people’s lives and make them better than ever before as God intended them to be.

That’s why our greatest emphasis is vested on what is within people as their highly calling as human beings to planet earth.

Some think that I am motivated by financial gain. Far from it, I am writing to fulfill my calling and my responsibility as a living creature sent to this planet to add value and make people’s lives better.

Since you talk about motivation, how did you get to where you are in your life today?

Putting God first in whatever I do, passion, being after impact more than I am in looking for financial gains, persistence, believing in what I have more than what I don’t have as well as seizing what I have instead of keeping myself under wait for what I don’t have are some of the motivations behind my progress.

Who are some of your favorite authors that you feel were influential in your work? What impact have they had on your writing?

There are many, to mention but a few; Willie Jolley, John Maxwell, these are American motivational speakers and authors.

These are the guys whose books I read first before I started writing. I remember I came across Maxwell’s book at first at my dad’s library I stayed with it for a long time without reading it but when I read it I discovered so many things about my life.

The same applies to Willie Jolley back in November 2013 I bought one of his books titled “It takes a minute to change your life” and I was so inspired by it. Their books made me more positive but they also made me believe in who I am.