Gigy Money vs Nandy: Beef on the horizon

Saturday July 18 2020


By Mpoki Thomson

I don’t think in any universe people would mention Nandy and Gigy Money in the same breath. So diverse are their characters that they seem completely cut from different cloths.

Let’s start with their music; as Nandy, the self-titled African Princess rose to prominence in the latter stages of 2016, Gigi Money was also not far from her prime. In fact, 2017 is when Gigy started making a lot of headlines for all the right [and wrong] reasons.

But what sets these two apart is the nature of their songs, with Nandy favouring more serene tempos – the heart-warming songs that always hit home with the romantic audience.

Gigy’s songs, however, are a whole different story.. Her taste in tempo and topic provide a vivid dichotomy when comparing the discography of these two Tanzanian artistes.

So how, then, did the two cross paths, and all of a sudden become rivals? Well, Gigy provided all the scoop as the heatwave of this new rivalry continues to catch steam.

Propagated by the pervasiveness of social media and the fact that Tanzanians spend an awful amount of time online mostly searching for the latest trends and gossip, this new war of words is growing faster than we can fathom, even though it’s only one-sided with Gigy throwing the punches as a more subdued Nandy continues to withhold her speech.


According to Gigy – an artiste not alien to controversies, and an overt adherent to the old adage; ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’, it was Nandy who instigated the bad blood. Speaking at the Big Sunday Live show on Wasafi TV, Gigy, clearly irate and disconsolate, talked about how Nandy is a good singer, but with a “bad” heart.

Gigy went on to narrate an incident where she was supposedly on the brink of landing a lucrative endorsement deal, only for Nandy to come in and swoop it from under her feet. “Nandy knew how much I was looking forward to that endorsement deal, she knew how important it was yet felt no remorse backstabbing me and gaining the wins all to herself,” a furious Gigy said in front of a live audience.

Even in her vividly angered state of mind, Gigi didn’t reveal what endorsement deal was allegedly taken from her, but she didn’t hold back when expressing her new-found displeasure and ill-will towards her nemesis. “I have known Nandy for almost ten years. I met her under circumstances which I wish not to speak of in public. She recently invited me and my friends out for dinner and had the audacity to give me Sh500,000! If she had the guts to steal my deal then she should at least pay me an amount worthy of the disloyalty,” Gigy said.

Nandy is yet to comment on the allegations or even utter a single word about what has recently been making headlines on social media and other platforms. But considering the demeanour and composure that has become a trademark of the Acha Lizame singer, there is little hope that we will hear her side of the story, at least not at the moment.

However, one thing remains clear as day, this latest celebrity beef is just getting started, and there’s a lot yet to be unearthed.