Mao Dou Dou to promote Kiswahili in China

Friday February 9 2018

Chinese movie star Hai-Qing a.k.a Mao Duo Duo

Chinese movie star Hai-Qing a.k.a Mao Duo Duo 

Dar es Salaam. Star times has hosted the coming of a Chinese movie star Hai-Qing famously known as “Mao Dou Dou” in Tanzania with the aim of promoting Kiswahili in China.

Speaking with The Beat yesterday at a welcoming event that took place at Julius Nyerere International Conference Centre (JNICC) the famous Mao Dou Dou said she will take advantage of the good relationship between Tanzania and China to promote Kiswahili in her home country.

Adding that, Tanzanians are very kind and she is very delighted with the hospitality they’ve shown her since she came to the country. She said, “I am overjoyed with the kindness of Tanzanians, I have gained so many fans from the series act of Mao Dou Dou and I promise to be a good ambassador of Kiswahili when back in China.” Present at the event was a movie actress Suzan Lewis famously known as ‘Natasha’ who said the coming of Mao Dou Dou will benefit us by promoting our culture.

Adding that, “it’s a good step for the movie industry in Tanzania to co-operate and learn from Chinese actors.” The vice president of Startimes Zuhura Khalif said they are trying to promote Kiswahili by translating most of the series shown by their channels, but this time they are going further by initiating with this movie star so as she can be an ambassador of Kiswahili in China.

She said, “This is an opportunity for us to promote Kiswahili through Mao Dou Dou who has been a sweetheart to most Tanzanians who watched the series, then we are sure she will do well in promoting Kiswahili in China.” (Omari Majuto)