Tigo Fiesta heads to Mtwara as Ruby returns to fold

Friday October 12 2018


Mtwara. Two weeks after the Tigo Fiesta gig kicked off in Morogoro, the festival this weekend moves to Southern Tanzania with gigs in Mtwara and Songea.

This will be the Vibe Kama Lote season’s fourth and fifth tour date which sees one of the prodigal children in the name of Ruby return to the stage after a major fallout.

Two years after songstress Ruby turned her back on Tigo Fiesta Festival in what turned out to be a bitter spat, the singer is back in the fold and is set to perform at the Mtwara concert this weekend.

Organisers say whatever dispute there was is now all in the past and all they are looking forward to is the upcoming concert at the Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium on Sunday.

Though the details for the fall out then remains a mystery but insiders say it was due to a pay dispute which she deemed was not fair to her. Her decision then polarized opinion because it was the same festival through the Super Nyota Contest.

According to the organizing Committee Secretary Gardner Habash have asked residents to come and relax with 100 per cent local vibes after a hard day’s work harvesting and processing the cashew nuts for which the region is a major producer in the country.


“The Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Vibe Kama Lote is an opportunity to cash in by providing transportation services, food and drinks, accommodation and a host of other ancillary services that are in demand by the thousands who flock to the concerts every year,” he said

Mtwara Regional Commissioner, Gelasius Byanakwa has also encouraged residents to attend the concert and other related activities such as the Tigo Fiesta 2018 – Supa Nyota competition which over the past has unleashed several artistes.

Budding artists in Mtwara and its environs will get an opportunity to showcase their talent at the Tigo Fiesta 2018- Supa Nyota talent search competition, with the top talents getting an enviable chance to perform at the main concert slotted for Sunday at the Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium in Mtwara. Dropping the vibes in Mtwara on Saturday night will be hip-hop duo Rostam (Roma and Stamina), Fid Q, Zaid and trio Weusi (Joh Makini, Niki wa Pili and G-Nako) who enthralled fans at the recent concert in Iringa. Others on the illustrious list of Bongo Flava will be Mesen Selekta and Foby, veterans Chegge, Barnaba and Mr Blue., alongside songbird and Lulu Diva.