Tigo Fiesta leaves Morogoro revellers in ecstasy

Monday October 1 2018


By Paul Owere

Morogoro has always been termed as the melting point of party goers making it a weekend resort where many revellers trek to over the weekends as they seek to relieve the City’s stress.

Last weekend it was like reading from the same script as Tigo Fiesta descended on the residents of this rather quiet town as it blossomed to life.

With an array of artistes lined up there was no shortage of fun at the Jamhuri Stadium  as thousands of young fans reached out to meet their local stars, to some this is sometimes a once in a lifetime opportunity.

In their midst was the Regional Commissioner who admitted that there were several opportunities that the festival comes with giving the audience an assurance of security.

They were spoilt for choice, from Mensen Selekta to the self styled African Princess Nandy, there was just too much to choose from.

Anticipation for the ‘Vide Kama Lote’ season inauguration had been high and that was further heightened by news that Whozu whose dancehall hit single ‘Huendi Mbinguni’ is currently the talk of town, indeed revellers did ask for more when he and Mensen Selekta were done.


The frenzied cheers were part of the entire evening with artiste such as Roma, Morogoro born Stamina, Fid Q, Rapper Riosaree, Ben Pol and Mr Blue all being part of the act that put up a formidable performance that warranted the opening night.

The temperatures were further heightened with the appearance of Maua Summer who is currently riding high with her latest single  ‘Iokote’ after a troubled week where she got into trouble with law enforcers.

But just when everyone though that performances from the likes of Dogo Janja  and Belle 9 would be enough to cap the chilly night there was more yet to come, Prof Jay made a surprise appearance sending the audience into cheers.

Fans who were already heading towards the exit doors changed their mind  to stay a little longer than had been anticipated as the veteran rapper turned legislator  brought house down.