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She beat heart disease to become an author aged 5

Sunday November 18 2018


A 10-year-old girl has made it to the list of a few Kenyan authors whose books are trading on Amazon.

Natalie Wambui’s story is not just like that of any other writer. She penned her first book before she could step into any class to be taught the basics of handwriting, reading and all that you did with your nursery school teacher.

As if that is not already too much for her age, Natalie is currently working on her fourth book.

“I started writing when I was five years old. I was still in the hospital back then undergoing a heart surgery. I had not joined school yet,” states Natalie.

She started her education at Maimflow Preparatory School, in Ngong, Kibiko area after tending to her health condition.

At this time, she’d appear older than her classmates in school given she enrolled a little late.

“After going through the surgery, my mum immediately brought me into school. I continued like normal children but I joined school a little bit late,” recalls Natalie.

She embarked on her journey as a book author while in her hospital bed.

In the recent Churchill Show recording, Natalie narrated her story recounting how her doctor gave the eye-opener to her authorship.

“When in hospital, my doctor used to encourage me to keep short journals. Even after leaving the hospital, my writing talent never left me. Something just told me that I should just continue writing.

A book on the development Natalie feels should be prioritized in Kenya is already work in progress.

The young writer is already bothered by corruption and “the way our leaders are corrupt and looting the future of our country.”

“I just want to write about all that, share my experience, talk about what should be done and how we should improve Kenya as a country,” she went on.

Natalie aspires to grow into a reputable author and a leader to contribute directly to the development of the country.

Compiled by Devotha John