Arnold to reprise his role in Terminator 6

Wednesday February 20 2019


By Mpoki Thomson & Agencies @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. Looks like fanatics of the Terminator franchise have something to smile about. Speculations are that the latest Terminator movie, known as ‘Terminator:Dark Fate’, will be hitting cinemas in November.

Movie director James Cameron while on a press tour to promote his latest hit ‘Alita: Battle Angel’, was asked on the prospects of the new Terminator movie.

Though the franchise has yet to issue an official press release statement, the director revealed a couple of facts about the next installment. According to Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays the character of the iconic synthetic intelligent machine, will be returning to his role, but this time, he will have crossed over to the dark side.

The last Terminator movie ‘Terminator: Genisys’ was released in 2015. It received mixed reviews from fans, but was overall praised for its action scenes. The franchise, nevertheless, has always been met with a lot of elation upon its release, regardless of the content review from movie critics.

Another interesting scoop that’s making rounds in the movie world, is the fate of Sarah Connor in the latest Terminator movie. According to movie pundits, Terminator: Dark Fate will wrap up Sarah Connor's story for good. Played by Linda Hamilton, there’s no arguing that without Sarah Connor, the sci-fi saga wouldn’t be quite what it is.

Another big ‘elephant’ in the room, is the question surrounding Arnold’s age, at the age of 71, there’s little expectation that we will see a lot of Arnold (in his physical form) in the movie. But this hasn’t dampened the excitement surrounding the movie.


For now, all that movie fans can do is sit back and wait for another ride down memory lane, but this time, it will be a ride filled with lots of action and thrill.