I will continue fighting illegal exit, says city boss

Tuesday January 14 2020

Dar es Salaam City Mayor Mr Isaya Mwita speaks

Dar es Salaam City Mayor Mr Isaya Mwita speaks at Kisutu Resident magistrate's court yesterday where he remove his court junction to stop any meeting by the Dar es Salam City Council to impeach and remove him from office because the meeting was held on Friday and made  contradicts  decisions. PHOTO | OAMR FUNGO 

By Bakari Kiango @bkiango bkiango@tz.nationmedia.com

Dar es Salaam. The Dar es Salaam City Mayor, Mr Isaya Mwita, said he will continue to fight against what he considers an illegal impeachment Thursday last week.

The city councillors voted a no confidence motion against Mr Mwita over allegations of abuse of office, misuse of a public vehicle and failure to spend dividends from Usafiri Dar es Salaam (UDA) amounting Sh5.8 billion.

Speaking in Dar es Salaam yesterday after a failed second attempt to enter into his office located at Karimjee Hall, he vowed to continue fighting for his rights and that of Dar es Salaam people.

Mr Mwita found his office locked and the door’s lock changed to prevent him from entering it. He, however, vowed to continue fighting unabated as he argued he is the legitimate city Lord Mayor.

“I am ready for anything as I fight for justice,” he said yesterday.

Mr Mwita who was elected as Dar city mayor in March 2016, said he was not afraid because he is fighting for the people who voted him in and who were being robbed of their representation.


“Because I took an oath to protect the post, I have no worry that I will continue to do so for the interest of Dar es Salaam people,” he said.

Earlier, Mr Mwita found a dozen security officials guarding the gate and was denied entrance.

“I told them that I am still the Lord Mayor to be allowed to enter the office, but unfortunately, I did not make it as the lock to my door had already been changed,” he said.

However, Mr Mwita said after several hours, he was given access to the office to continue with his schedule.

He revealed the city executive director, Ms Spora Liana, had already wrote him a letter directing him to handover the office within 14 days, effective January 10.

The mayor’s tribulations follows a move by 16 councilors from the ruling CCM who on Thursday last week cast a vote of no confidence in him, alleging misconduct and abuse of office.

Mr Mwita, who is the third opposition leader to be removed since last year, said he was innocent and all allegations were politically motivated and were just targeting to remove him from office illegally.

In September 2 last year, former Karatu district council chairman on a Chadema ticket Jubilate Mayeye was removed from power following the vote of no confidence.

The chairman of Babati district council Mohammed Kibiki, also of Chadema, was removed from his post in February 2018 following the vote of no confidence against him.