Lissu picks up presidential nomination forms via agent

Sunday July 5 2020


By Louis Kolumbia @TheCitizenTZ

Dar es Salaam. Chadema Vice Chairman Tundu Lissu yesterday became the first cadre of the main Opposition party to pick up presidential nomination forms.

Chadema kicked off the primaries as per its schedule yesterday. Aspirants will now collect and fill in and return the documents by July 19.

The party’s presidential aspirants will be required to seek at least 100 sponsors from ten regions across the country.

Some of the regions include Coast, South, Central, Nyasa, West, Victoria, Serengeti and the North zone as well as Unguja and Pemba for Tanzania Zanzibar.

Mr Lissu is among 11 cadres who submitted letters expressing their intension of seeking nomination to run for the Union presidency.

Others are party chairman Freeman Mbowe, Isaya Mwita, Maryrose Majige, Peter Msigwa, Lazaro Nyalandu, Gasper Mwanalyela, Neo Simba, Opiyo Nalo, Leonard Manyama and Shaban Msafiri.


Yesterday, Mr Lissu who is in Belgium where he was treated after surviving an assassination attempt on September 7, 2017 in Dodoma, was represented by his agent David Jumbe (See photo page one).

Speaking after receiving the documents from the party’s director of elections at the head offices, Mr Jumbe said they did not want to delay as they have trust in their candidate.

“We will immediately fill in the documents and collect signatures of at least 100 sponsors in the 10 regions in the Mainland and the Isles according to instructions,” he told a press conference.

He said that Mr Lissu was the right leader the country needs right now to lead government.

“Tanzanians believe that he is the candidate capable of challenging the incumbent President John Magufuli in the forthcoming polls.

“We want to re-write the history of the country by doing the right things. The party will be going into polls with the full intention of emerging victorious,” he said.

On June 8, this year, Mr Lissu said reforming the economy; strengthening defence and security, promoting multiparty democracy and building consensus would be his priorities once approved by Chadema and voted as the country’s new president.

He said taxation systems would be reformed to reduce lists of tax that have adversely affected businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

“I will ensure business prosperity in order to create more jobs for the government to increase its revenue,” he said in a message through social media.

He said defence and security organs should become real protectors of the constitution, human rights and freedom of citizens.

Mr Lissu said laws considered oppressive will be annulled and that his government should he win will carry its duties according to the constitution as well as the signed ratified international treaties.

“I will respect and protect the multiparty system. Constitutional, legal and administrative obstacles will be lifted for citizens to enjoy democratic rights,” he said.

Mr Lissu pledged to remove restrictions to political rallies and demonstrations.

He said security agenecies will be required to provide safety at all rallies and demonstrators instead of harassing opponents.