Lissu to increase money circulation

Monday October 12 2020

Chadema supporters listen to the party's

Chadema supporters listen to the party's presidential candidate Tundu Lissu at a campaign rally. 

By Louis Kolumbia @Collouis1999

Dar es Salaam. Chadema  presidential candidate Tundu Lissu yesterday said  development projects implemented by the fifth-phase government have neither increased money circulation in the economy nor improved people’s living standards.
Mr Lissu - who was slapped with a seven-day campaign ban lately -  promised to build a people-centred  economy by implementing projects that would benefit  a majority of poor Tanzanians instead of investing heavily in  properties.
The firebrand politician - who is the Chadema vice chairman for the Mainland - made the promise in separate rallies in Singida East and Mkalama constituencies in Singida Region.
He said implementation of the projects by foreign firms shifts money to their countries abroad instead of increasing the volume of money in circulation in Tanzania - something which has resulted in failed  businesses.
The former Singida East lawmaker (and ex-Tanganyika Law Society president) said the government owes local contractors payments for services delivered in the last five years.
“No relief or improved lives for citizens following implementation of these projects as explained by experts of the economy. Instead, Tanzanians have become  poorer. The government didn’t properly look at the impact of the projects on the lives of the citizenry,” he said.
According to him, a Chadema government would implement people-centred projects aimed at improving rural roads to streamline transportation of crops including cotton, cashews, coffee, maize and others that significantly contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Instead of constructing flyovers, Salendar Bridge and Chato airport -  and purchasing  aircraft - the CCM government should have spent the money on improving education, water supply and healthcare services.
“There is a countrywide water outcry. A Chadema government will divert funds to improve education and the provision of health care services,” he said.
He said improved health services would also lower the charges imposed on expectant mothers before and after delivery that varies according to whether the baby child is a male or female.
Mr Lissu said if elected, his government would strengthen collaboration with the private sector to improve the investment climate and provide  business protection in order to create jobs for Tanzanians.
He said his government would facilitate citizens - including petty traders -  to freely do businesses, noting that the Sh20,000 petty traders’ identity cards (IDs) would be scrapped.