Police say holding Mazrui, man stabbed to death in riots

Sunday November 01 2020
mazrui pic

ACT-Wazalendo deputy secretary general, Nassor Ahmed Mazrui

By The Citizen Reporter

Rorya. One person was stabbed to death in post-election violence in Rorya District, Mara Region as police reported holding over 100 people following protests countrywide.

In Zanzibar, where there have been heavy clashes between security organs and protestors, the police finally admitted they were holding ACT-Wazalendo deputy secretary general Nassor Ahmed Mazrui, whose whereabouts were unknown since his arrest five days ago.

The opposition party, which has rejected the election results in the Isles and the Mainland, has claimed more than a dozen people have been shot dead by security officers in Pemba and Unguja.

The Authorities are yet to speak out on the reported deaths and injuries in the hands of security organs.

In Rorya, the district commissioner Simon Odunga confirmed that Nyatega Wenje was killed when two rival political camps clashed on Friday over ideological differences. The deceased was a young brother to former Nyamagana MP Ezekia Wenje, who contested the Rorya constituency in this year’s election on the Chadema ticket. His CCM rival, Jafari Chege, was declared the winner in the race.

Mr Odunga told Mwananchi over the phone that the incident occurred on Friday, whereby several other people were injured.


“The riot occurred among residents of Michire Village, who come from the same community and clans but are divided by political ideologies. They were members of Chadema, but some joined the ruling party CCM,” he said. Without telling the exact cause of the riot, Mr Odunga said Nyatenga died on the way to hospital after he was stabbed with a sharp object.

He also said he was the one who ordered police to teargas Wenje’s house, over claims that it accommodated a meeting with the plan of protesting against the election results.

In Zanzibar, Isles’ Police Commissioner Mohammed Haji Hassan told reporters yesterday that ACT- Wazalendo’s Mazrui and 32 other members were arrested on October 28 over allegations of possessing devices that could interfere with the electoral system. Other accusations against Mazrui and his fellow members were their relations with a man who allegedly carried bombs, allegedly planned to be planted in various parts of Zanzibar.

Commander Mohammed said the suspects were arrested during the mid-night hours when vote counting was going on.

“After a thorough search, we managed to arrest a young man with bombs. He admitted to possessing the bombs and that he had picked them up from a hotel,” he claimed.

According to him, during an inspection at the hotel, police officers found Mr Mazrui and 32 other people. They had 34 laptops, iPads and mobile phones, he said.

As for the arrest of Chadema members in Serengeti and lake zone, district party secretary Jackson Mnyawami and Mr Zakaria Obadia said that until yesterday, more than 40 leaders, cadres and party members were being held by police.

He said 29 suspects were members from Tarime and Rorya districts in Mara Region, as well as others from Shinyanga and Simiyu regions while Obadia said at least 20 were from Geita and Kagera regions.

Meanwhile, in Arusha, more than 20 people have been held by police in Arumeru, Ngorongoro and Monduli constituencies.

Arusha Regional Police Commander Salum Hamduni confirmed the arrests. “These committed electoral violence at polling stations, but I’m not in a position to provide clear statistics,” he said.

Chadema Arusha regional secretary Reginald Masawe said the party was going on with collecting data on the arrested people, saying that until yesterday almost 30 members had been held in various remands.

Reported by Peter Saramba (Mwanza), Anthony Mayunga (Rorya), Mussa Juma (Arusha), Bakari Kiango (Dar es Salaam) and Kalunde Jamal (Zanzibar)