Tanzania Police block Zitto Kabwe Press Conference

Friday August 16 2019


By Detricia Pamba

Dar es Salaam. The Tanzania Police Force today August 16, blocked opposition Party ACT Wazalendo’s head Zitto Kabwe from holding a press conference in the city.

Plain clothed policemen arrived at the party’s head quarters in a privately registered vehicle T863 DFS shortly before the press conference could start and declared it illegal.

Shortly afterwards, uniformed officers arrived saying they wanted the party’s head (Zitto Kabwe) who was unfortunately not available.

 “This meeting will have to wait therefore I ask you all to leave,” Said John Malulu who introduced himself as the RCO of Kinondoni.

As the journalists were preparing to leave, Ado Shaibu the head of communication and Publicity arrived, he was ordered to board a waiting Police vehicle.

Shaibu, however, told the gathered journalists that the Police had gone to Zitto’s house to with the aim of questioning him.


”Zitto only wanted to talk about the SADC conference which is still ongoing, but the police asked me to leave with them for questioning, so I am putting everything in order before I leave with them.”