New Chadema leaders’ focus is to oust CCM

Tuesday December 3 2019

Serengeti zonal chairperson Ester Matiko

Serengeti zonal chairperson Ester Matiko 

By Janeth Joseph & Florah Temba @TheCitizenTZ

Moshi. New Chadema zonal chairpersons yesterday highlighted their priorities, with ousting the ruling CCM from power in the next year’s general election topping the list.

They expressed their desire to win more parliamentary and council seats in the 2020 general election.

Meanwhile they expressed their commitment to joining Tanzanians’ forces regardless to differences in their political ideologies, with a view to bringing positive change through legal approach.

Serengeti zonal chairperson Ester Matiko promised to work with might and main to ensure they retained their constituencies and wards they are currently leading. “On top of that we will work round the clock to ensure we grab other constituencies and wards which are currently under CCM,” noted Ms Matiko.

She said plans on card were to unify members of Chadema and form the powerful zone.