President John Magufuli : No tenure extension

President John Magufuli is shown around the new Chato District Court building after officially opening it yesterday. Others are First Lady Janet Magufuli and Chief Justice Ibrahim Juma (behind Dr Magufuli). PHOTO | STATE HOUSE

What you need to know:

President John Magufuli reiterates a position he has repeated a number of times, saying he will respect the presidential term limit

Dar es Salaam. President John Magufuli yesterday reiterated his commitment on term limit in office, pledging to respect the constitution and laws governing the country when his term in office expires.

Dr Magufuli reiterated the statement he has been delivering in various public events, when addressing the nation at the launching of the Sh340.65 million water wells project in Chato, Geita Region, implemented by the Islamic Foundation under the funding of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Speaking during the event, Dr Magufuli said he will not add even a single day in office after expiry of his presidency.

“I have been insisting that I will respect the constitution and laws governing the country after completing my term in office. I repeat: I will respect the constitution and laws governing the country after my term in office has been completed,” Dr Magufuli stressed.

He said he restated his position on the matter to discourage Tanzanians from harbouring such thoughts - noting that every Tanzanian out of the 55 million population can lead the country with the help of God.

He said what was being done by his government - including the development achieved - wasn’t because of the powers he has, but because of the Will of God. “When we build the Busisi Bridge, purchase 11 aircraft, build a Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), provide free education and build 352 hospitals at a go across the country - something that was impossible in the past - is really because of God’s Power.”

But, as nobody has signed a contract with God, it is impossible to determine the future, he said. Dr Magufuli called on the nation to pray for continued peace, stability and security, noting that development occurs in places with peace and security.

The Head of State said the country is rich in natural resources, including gold, diamonds, fish and many others - adding that we are the ones who are supposed to provide water to some neighbors of the UAE which are in a desert.

According to him, Tanzania’s progress had been derailed by looming fraudulent incidents that required someone with enough self-confidence and derring-do to speak in public.

Speaking on the importance of presidential term limits, Dr Magufuli said he prays to God that he shouldn’t change and forget his background and his role to serve Tanzanians without discrimination based on religion, ethnicity or political affiliation.

“I pray that I should be used as a vehicle to bringchange for the better for all Tanzanians in accordance with the country’s constitution and laws,” he said.

Speaking during the event, the Islamic Foundation chairman, Sheikh Aref Nahdi, said eight wells worth Sh340.65 million have been drilled in the district.

He named the location of the wells as Chato Primary School, Chato Secondary School, Mbuye Primary School, Chato Friday Mosque, Kachambwa Health Centre, Sunni Mosque, Zakia Secondary School and Mosque Grounds.

“Currently, we have drilled a total of 2,550 wells across the country - with six others expected to be drilled in Sengerema District,” he said.

Earlier, the Geita Regional Commissioner, Robert Gabriel, said Chato Primary School - which enrolled a total of 3,662 pupils; 1,751 male and 1911 female, was among the beneficiaries.

“You pledged to fund construction of three classrooms and two offices for teachers. Later on, you released Sh336.9 million for construction of 12 classrooms, two offices and 60 toilet pits,” he said.

The school was attended by Dr Magufuli in the initial stages of his education journey.

It was the busiest day for the President yesterday as he launched the Chato District Court facility, and laid the foundation stone for the construction of Fire and Rescue Brigade offices in the district.

Later, he laid the foundation stone for the construction of a large mosque worth over Sh1.6 billion.