SGR manager found guilty of money laundering, fined Sh100 million

Dar es Salaam. The Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s court has today February 27, sentenced Turkish national Yetkin Gen Mehmen to three years in prison or a fine of Sh 100 million after he was found guilty of money laundering.

Mr Mehmen was the facilitation manager of Yap Merkez a Turkish company constructing Tanzania’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

The court also nationalized $84,850 (Sh195 million) that he was found in possession of at the Julius Nyerere International Airport as he was preparing to leave the country.

Reading the sentence the Resident Magistrate Thomas Simba said after the accused had pleaded guilty the court has found him guilty.

 “The court sentence him to pay a fine of Sh100 million or go to jail for three years and also the money $84,850 had been confiscated by the government,” he said

Earlier, State Attorney Mr Shadrack Kimario reading the charge sheet said on February 13, 2020, at JNIA the accused carrying the bag with $84,850 an amount that he failed to give proper explanation for.

Tanzanians travelling abroad are not allowed to carry more than $10,000. The accused is yet to pay the fine.