Zanzibar seeks tighter control on alcohol sale

Sunday April 5 2020


By Rosemary Mirondo @mwaikama

Dar es Salaam. Zanzibar is seeking to repeal the old law on alcohol consumption to introduce a stringent one that will tighten the importation, storage, sale, distribution and usage of alcohol in the Isles, including introducing 25 years of age as the age limit for a person to consume alcohol.

The Alcohol Control Bill 2020 which was tabled in the Zanzibar House of Representatives on Friday, is expected to replace the 1928 Act on alcohol consumption, a move that hoteliers who sell alcohol believe puts their businesses at risk.

When it is finally assented to a new law by Zanzibar President, the new Act will forbid any person or institution to manufacture or produce alcoholic beverages in Zanzibar.

Sellers of alcohol will not be allowed to employ a person under the age of 25 to sell alcohol.

It further states that any person or entity who contravenes the Act and found guilty, shall serve a term of not less than five years or be fined not less than Sh5 million while all liquor machinery and equipment shall be confiscated.

No licence to sell or permit for a warehouse will be granted or any liquor importation or liquor licence shall be issued in Zanzibar for an alcohol manufacturer or any person or entity who is under contract with any institution to import or sell alcoholic beverages.


Further, any person or entity affiliated with or affiliated with the manufacturer or solely interested in financing the manufacturer, such as in order to facilitate the importation or sale of such product.

The Act shall further reinforce on persons who are prohibited from drinking or being exposed to alcoholics of any kind in Zanzibar.

Further, no person, government department or any other institution shall be permitted to sell or keep alcohol-fuelled alcoholics without a licence that permits the sale or placement of such liquor in the warehouse.

On that note no person is liable to be found with alcohol, except a person licensed under this Act or a person who has purchased or acquired such Alcohol, which may be for personal use and not for sale.

The new Act further established an Alcohol Prevention and Control Board which will be mandated to issue licences and permits in accordance with the Act to hotel, bars, liquor store, warehouse, and alcohol distribution permit; as well as permission for special occasions.