MP wants government to compel public servants to use state-run bank

Tuesday September 3 2019


By Alawi Masare @AMasare

Dodoma. Special-seats MP Jacqueline Ngonyani (CCM) has asked the government to compel its officers and public servants to use state-run bank.

"If they are supposed to use state-owned telecom TTCL, why not the same to TPB Bank?" she asked in the Parliament on Tuesday September 3, 2019.

However, the government said it had no such power as the financial sector was liberalised since 1991.

"Under the current laws, regulations and guidelines, the government has no power to force a civil servant to use any bank. It's up to TPB and other banks to improve their services to attract the public servants," said deputy Minister for Finance and Planning Dr Ashatu Kijaji.

She added that the usage of the banking services was largely determined by the market forces.

"So every bank must market itself to win customer confidence including those from public service," she said