Friday September 11 2020


Chui has never been predictable and perhaps this is what leaves most of his fans expecting more each time he is in their midst.

In the last edition, “Chui returns to Serebuka With Every Bite” he officially introduced his four-man crew with diverse and unique personalities, ready to rock the party scene like you’ve never seen before.

Today’s edition we want you to meet Chui Mnyamwezi

He is the Chui that is always on trend, not one to shy away from the lime light and always willing to stretch the limits to make his audience happy throughout

His target too, is never random; he is on the lookout for trendy ladies & gents who got what it takes to turn a not so interesting evening into a night you will never forget.

How do you get on his radar?


Simple! Those who want to be in his company will have to first; follow @SerengetiPremiumLite on social media and the hashtag #SerebukaWithEveryBite to earn his attention.

I will be hosting a Chui Mnyamwezi weekly challenge quiz every Wednesday” says @Tbway360 on Instagram.

He adds: Post a picture of yourself enjoying a Serengeti Lite beer as you are out socializing. If I like what I see I might just reward you for keeping it cool with the Only Lite With A Bite.

Being the kind of gentle man that he is, he will let the ladies take the lead in participating of his weekly challenges. Some of the topics he will be covering include;

“If Chui was to take you on a date, what would be the perfect date for you?”

 “On a scale of 1 to 10 how likely are you to rock a Chui print outfit this weekend?”

“What was the best or worst pick up line you have received or given during socialization moments at the bar?”

What do participants get in return?

The answer is; cool looking merchandise and a free six pack of Serengeti Lite in exchange for less than 5mins of your time responding on his comments section.

The bottom line here is that ‘Serebuka with Every Bite’ is a celebration of the Tanzanian fun loving spirit that is rather unlimited with multiple opportunities available to have fun. Responsibly of course J

Chui Mnyamwezi is ready to go the distance for the next three months keeping the Chui fans entertained to the maximum. Are you ready to join him and #SerebukaWithEveryBite? Remember, there are fun prizes to be won, don't miss out!

For more information on how to participate on the ongoing challenge please visit @serengetipremiumlite and @tbway360 pages on Instagram