Abide by directives from health experts, Njombe women told

Tuesday September 22 2020


The Citizen Reporter
By The Citizen Reporter
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Njombe. Women in Njombe Region have been urged to abide to directives and advise from health experts in raising their children at the early ages between zero to five years.
This was said by the coordinator of the mother and child in Wanging’ombe District, Edshan Mtega at an event organized by the USAID campaign ‘Tulonge Afya’ through the ‘Naweza’ platform in collaboration with the district health team.
Speaking at the ‘Mothers Meet Up Events’ over the weekend  Ms Edshan Mtega  said the event that aims at raising children properly for those at the age below six months by maintaining good health throughout their life span.
Ms Mtega said the event was used an important platform to remind parents on their role in rearing their children from zero age to five years including breastfeeding without supplementing with food.
She said the proper use of family planning programmes was of vital significance during this period with ultimate goal of giving sufficient time for the child to grow up healthy before getting another child.
She added that  when a mother notices some unusual and dangerous signs in the child, she must immediately take him or her to a health facility for  medical checkup.
She thanked various development projects including the Tulonge Afya implemented and financed by USAID that has brought significant impact in mother and child health.
On his part, the USAID Tulonge Afya from Njombe Region Edgar Mwakisu said Naweza platform gives priority to the health of the mother and child, starting from pregnancy to parenting of the child.
The organisers of the event reminded parents on the need to sleep under an treated nets  every night, including children under five.
They called on the need for using MCM to avoid pregnancy for at least 24 months after a live birth.
“Seek and receive prompt and appropriate care at first sign of new-born and childhood illness. For malaria, seek and receive prompt and appropriate care at the health facility for yourself or a child under five with a high fever, including use of rapid diagnostic test (RDT) to confirm malaria.
Seek and receive a full course of timely vaccinations for infants and children under two.