African farmers to benefit from Development Channel’s Agricultural Bank

Friday September 27 2019


By The Citizen Reporter Dar es Salaam

Africa has over the past few years become a net importer of food and agricultural products despite it's vast potential to produce food enough to feed its population.

 Africa has the world’s most arable land and its greatest opportunity for food security is suffering from hunger, starvation, unemployment, poverty, low life expectancy, lack of social amenities, poor housing and loss of foreign exchange through irrelevant food importation.

Development Channel through one of its 25 UK headquartered companies whose main aim is to provide food security is staying true to this through the M7 Agriculture Bank.

The M7 Agricultural bank has been designed to implement solutions to food security for Africa as was proposed 30 years ago by Uganda’s, President Yoweri Kaguta  Museveni.

 The M7 Agriculture Bank is a development bank committed to providing assistance for farmers through offerings of both technical and financial support towards reaping the benefits of farming from commercial agriculture.

 The agriculture bank provides assistance in loans, mechanization, and best practice consults, access to fertilizers, quality seeds, pesticides, irrigation equipment and drought management, storage, personnel support, export and sales, value addition, access to amenities and much for farmers throughout Africa.


 Projected to have a network of 600 Bank branches, 600,000 farm extension workers, 120 million farmers and wholly owned 300,000 food retail outlets with revenues exceeding $10 billion dollars per annum, the M7 Agriculture Bank is positioned to control food security in Africa for the next millennium.

The creation of the M7 Agri bank is a brainchild of President Yoweri Museveni and the unprecedented technologically innovative skills of Charles N. Lambert the Development Channel’s chairman.