Aga Khan trains community health worker on covid-19

Thursday June 11 2020


By Mgongo Kaitira @TheCitizenTz

Mwanza. The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) has trained 123 Community health workers in Magu District, Mwanza on assessment and preventive measures to combat covid-19 outbreak.

The two-day training which was conducted through Impact Project targeted community health workers from 14 wards aiming at raising awareness on the basic symptoms of a covid-19 patient.

Speaking during a training session in Ng’haya , the Impact project manager in Magu district, Ms Hogla Mumbee said the apart from equipping health workers with basic knowledge on personal protective equipment’s (PPE), the training also aims at giving them an insight of the basic symptoms of the outbreak.

“We believe from now onward these community health workers are going to spread the knowledge on the type of masks required in order to dispel fear among the people concerning the outbreak” she said

Hogla urged the community health workers and the public not to exaggerate the coronavirus crisis, instead they should raise awareness on the preventive measures.

Magu district Epidemiologist, Laurencia Mwita applauded AKDN for coming up with the training program saying apart from prevention measures, it will also reduce stigma in the communities.


Speaking on behalf of other trainees, Emanuel Malelemba, a community health worker from Ng’haya ward said the training has empowered them with great knowledge on covid-19 promising to use the knowledge to increase community awareness on the epidemic.