Agricultural sector is yet to benefit Tanzania says Prof Lipumba

 Dar es Salaam. The Civic United Front (CUF) national chairman Prof Ibrahim Lipumba today portioned the blame to the fifth phase government under President John Magufuli for a failure to develop the agricultural sector.

 He said due to such failure the sector that employs the majority of Tanzania’s population is yet to benefit the country.

 “As a nation, we can’t achieve the projected industrialisation dream, if the agricultural sector continues to remain undeveloped. The sector offers a number of opportunities for the farmers and the whole nation,” said Prof Lipumba.

Prof Lipumba made the remarks while addressing the party’s top hierarchy and followers from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar during an internal party general meeting that took place at Diamond Jubilee Hall today Saturday, June 22.

 Apart from that Prof Lipumba also officiated the launch of CUF’s new policy ahead of this year’s local government election and the 2020 Presidential general election.

 “I would also like to advise the President to embrace democracy. It is not too late to do so, there is still a room for improvement,” said Prof Lipumba.

Prof Lipumba further said despite the national statistics availed by the government that indicates that the country’s economy was growing, the population still remained poor.

“According to the World Bank (WB) statistics, business environment in Tanzania is still  not conducive compared to other EAC countries like Rwanda, something that scares away investors,” he said.