AliKiba denies divorce rumours, saying Amina is in Mombasa for work

Friday September 20 2019


By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Just over one year since Bongo Flava Star AliKiba wedded his wife Amina Khelef, rumours have emerged suggesting that the celebrity marriage is on the rocks.

Word from the grapevine even suggested that the crooner had divorced the mother of one after irreconcilable differences that made the marriage untenable.

It was a celebrity wedding that belonged to the stars, one that was televised live both in Mombasa and Dar es Salaam.

Speaking on Ala za Roho, on Clouds FM, the ‘Keroro’ singer refuted the rumours saying that his wife had gone to Mombasa on an arrangement that they had agreed upon.

“She wanted to work and since she is well educated, I did not see the reason why I should block her ways. Besides as a singer and a performer I am always on the road for longer periods which leaves her very lonely at home,” said the singer who broke through with hit single Cinderella.

He, however, admitted that just like any other family they had some rocky patch in recent days; something that he claims has been sorted out.


“There are people who were already celebrating the breakup, but my only advise to them is that marriage is something that comes from the Almighty,” said Ali Kiba.

He said he was forced to come public on the matter because the silence was bound to hurt his young family.

Rumours about the divorce first surfaced in July with sources citing a rift between Amina and her mother-in-law.

The rumours further intensified after she went to Mombasa for the so-called work as AliKiba put it on radio.

One thing that the singer did not say was how long his wife was bound to stay away from her matrimonial home in Dar es Salaam.